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Published July 8, 2005 12:00 AM

Reduce Your Climate Footprint:

Washington, DC —, a nonprofit organization, now makes it easy and affordable for individuals and businesses to remove their climate footprint. enables people to calculate their carbon emissions for home, business, commuting and air travel and then donate to offset the impact they have on the environment and climate change. purchases carbon dioxide credits, supporting a variety of carbon reducing projects around the world, including energy efficiency, wind, solar and forestation. The credits are permanently retired, reducing the total amount of greenhouse gases that can be emitted. "Our goal is to make carbon offsets cheap, easy and popular for individuals and businesses to reduce the threat of climate change. Basically, we buy carbon and retire it," says President Lesley Marcus Carlson.

As a nonprofit organization, differentiates itself in the carbon offset market by having a transparent and low-cost pricing structure. Many companies hide the price of carbon by offering offsets in pounds or ”˜tags’, instead of the actual commodity: tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Upset that some groups seem to be trying to cash in on the goodwill of environmentalists with prices as high as $9-30 per ton of CO2, is upfront with the consumer.

"We charge $5.50 per ton, that's it," says Carlson. "The threat of climate change is simply too important to our generation and our children’s to put profits before climate change protection," she adds.

All donations to are tax deductible, for both individuals and businesses. Supporters receive a certificate for their donation.

Partnerships with Nonprofits: is also developing partnerships with larger, member-driven nonprofit organizations to spread the word about carbon offsets and serve as joint fundraisers for both organizations. " offers a free, turnkey carbon offset program to nonprofits, allowing them to provide an important service to their members without the start-up, research and administrative costs, and they receive a portion of the proceeds of each donation," says Carlson. Nonprofits simply mention and the partnership in their newsletters and on their website and direct members to the site.

Donating Carbon: Companies that already own carbon can donate it to for permanent retirement to showcase their corporate environmental commitment and receive a tax deduction for the donation. “Donating carbon offers companies the final piece of value on the carbon chain and ensures the carbon is permanently retired,” says Carlson. is a 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit organization.

Source: CSRwire,[52]

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