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Published July 14, 2005 12:00 AM

Progressive Design Playgrounds Meets California Criteria for High Performance Schools

OCEANSIDE, California — Progressive Design Playgrounds, designer and manufacturer of commercial children's play structures, announced today it has been recognized as the first playground manufacturer to meet the environmental standards set by California's Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS). CHPS is a non-profit made up of state agencies and utilities that works with architects, engineers, designers and school officials to promote energy efficient quality school facilities. Progressive Design Playgrounds uses 100% recycled plastic lumber to create bright and colorful play structures that are safe, durable and environmentally sound.

"Progressive Design Playgrounds operates under the philosophy that the environment our children play in is as important as the playground, a mission we share with CHPS for creating healthy, resource efficient play environments for children," said John Ogden, President of Progressive Design Playgrounds. "We are pleased to be recognized by CHPS and appreciate the validation for using recycled materials to create environmentally friendly play structures in our communities."

CHPS is committed to enhancing the educational environment for all school children. Developed in response to the energy crisis and declining rate of student test scores, CHPS's vision is to promote healthy, resource efficient community centers that provide excellent learning environments for children. There is a great deal of evidence that indicates the quality of a schools' facilities directly impacts student performance. Working directly with architects, engineers, designers and school officials, CHPS promotes energy efficient, quality school facilities by providing incentive programs directly to school districts to build high performance schools. CHPS's program to build environmentally sustainable schools has set a new standard for schools in California and nationwide.

About Progressive Design Playgrounds: Progressive Design Playgrounds designs and manufactures environmentally friendly commercial children's play structures and recreation site furnishings. With a strong commitment to providing a fun, stimulating and safe play environment for children as well as to the preservation of the earth's natural resources, Progressive Design Playgrounds uses recycled plastic to create bright and colorful play structures and other site amenities. Based in Oceanside, California, Progressive Design Playgrounds' play structures are available worldwide through an extensive dealer network. The company has designed and manufactured over 3000 play structures, half of which are located in Southern California. For more information visit the company's website at

Source: Business Wire

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