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Published July 18, 2005 12:00 AM

California Grid Operator Urging Conservation as Power Usage Soars Over the Weekend

FOLSOM, California — Sunday's peak demand of approximately 40,405 megawatts set a Sunday record for energy use in California and marked the first time that demand topped 40,000 megawatts for seven days in a row. That string of high demand days will continue on Monday, July 18 with a peak demand forecast of 45,988 Megawatts.

The ISO predicts there will be enough power available to meet that demand, however, when demand is that high, there are fewer options available to deal with the unexpected -- such as the loss of a major power plant, or a transmission line tripping out of service. Subsequently, the ISO is declaring Monday a Flex Your Power NOW day, and is urging Californians to reduce their energy usage especially during the afternoon peak demand hours of 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Stage One Alert: possible
Stage Two Alert: unlikely
Stage Three Alert: unlikely

Powerful Habits:

-- Set Thermostat at 78 or higher
-- Cool with fans
-- Draw the drapes
-- Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances
-- Use big appliances early in the day, or later at night

Stage One Emergency

Consumers are urged to reduce their use of electricity voluntarily toavoid severe conditions.

Stage Two Emergency

Voluntary interruption of service to select customers is possible to avoid more severe conditions.

Stage Three Emergency

Consumers are advised that involuntary interruptions of service have begun and will continue until the emergency has passed.

Source: Business Wire

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