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Published August 23, 2005 12:00 AM

Several Airports Conserve Energy by Installing Power Efficiency Controllers

LAS VEGAS — Power Efficiency Corporation announced that a leading elevator and escalator manufacturer has sold and installed EcoStart controllers in the escalators and elevators at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac). EcoStart controllers are based on Power Efficiency's energy saving technology and are manufactured by Power Efficiency Corporation, a developer and marketer of energy-saving devices for alternating current induction motors.

SeaTac is regarded as a model among airports in the United States for saving energy. The airport achieved Washington State Governor Gary Locke's goal of saving 10% of the energy it consumes through three initiatives, one of which was the installation of 60 motor controllers on escalators and elevators.

Douglas Holbrook, Manager of Utilities and Business Management, Port of Seattle, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, said, "We installed the EcoStart(R) controllers, about three years ago. We are very happy with the product, which requires very little maintenance, plus it saves the airport approximately 30% on energy use." By using the EcoStart(R) controllers, SeaTac estimates that it saves 54,000 KWH every month.

As a result of the Controller's success at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Controllers were also recently installed in escalators at Anchorage International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airports. Power Efficiency, along with the world's leading elevator and escalator manufacturers, are presently evaluating new airport locations for the sale and installation of its Controllers.

According to Steven Strasser, CEO of Power Efficiency Corporation, the energy saving kits can produce savings of up to 35% while extending motor and equipment life. Strasser pointed out that most escalators consume full power constantly. Power Efficiency allocates power "in direct proportion to the required workload, eliminating wasted energy." By reducing current and voltage to the motor, the system also keeps motor temperatures low, extending motor life and increasing energy efficiency.

Power Efficiency Corporation designs and manufactures energy saving motor controllers, which include a soft start for constant speed-variable load AC induction motors. The savings from these controllers are typically 15-35%, but can be as high as 45%. The controllers also provide significant motor life extension and downtime reduction benefits, and are UL compliant and CE and CSA certified.

Power Efficiency Corporation's core technology, which is based on patented improvements to NASA technology, is effective on motors that run at constant speeds and under variable loads. These motors are found in escalators, elevators, grinders, granulators, mixers, saw mills, oil well pumps and many other applications. The company also has a prototype unit applicable to single phase electronic motors such as clothes dryers, refrigerators, vending machines, mixers and coffee grinders.

Power Efficiency's products are approved by the European and Canadian Standards Association, and independent United States Government laboratories. Over several thousand Power Efficiency Motor Controllers have been sold and installed in various applications in North America. The company trades on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board under the symbol PEFF. For more information visit

Source: PR Newswire, Power Efficiency Corporation

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