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Published September 16, 2005 12:00 AM

ULi Announces the Availability of RoHS-Compliant ''Green'' Chips

TAIPEI, Taiwan — ULi Electronics Inc., a core logic chipset manufacturer, today announced the availability of "Green" and lead-free products including core logic chipsets, PC peripheral host controllers and video/audio device controllers.

ULi says is fully committed to provide eco-friendly products, where bond wire and substrate are finished with lead-free and halogen-free materials. ULi's move to lead-free manufacturing started in 2003.

"It is globally essential for our industry to provide environmentally safe components for electronics systems. ULi continuously spearheads the drive for environmental friendly computing by offering Green and lead-free products that are cost-effective and maintains equivalent or improved levels of reliability," said Alex Kuo, President of ULi. "While other companies merely strive to meet the 'lead-free' requirements set by the RoHS directive, ULi goes beyond to opt for the 'Green' level, which encompasses an even wider range of restrictions and requirements."

"Innovation and quality are values that ASE prides itself for delivering leading-edge technologies and rapid time-to-market solutions to customers," said Geoffrey Wang, Asia Sales division VP of ASE. "We are pleased to work with ULi to develop highly reliable environmental-friendly chip packages that meet the stringent requirements for next generation ICs."

ULi uses the "Green" standard for products and collaborates closely with vendors proposing the "Green" definition and monitoring methods, which are based upon current industry capability and accepted methodologies. ULi's definition of "Green" products is based on the impurity limits and levels for all pertinent elements and compounds restricted by the RoHS Directive as well as legislation enacted in Japan and other countries such as the Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) standards.

About ULi: ULi Electronics Inc. is an IC design company that develops consumer electronics and professional computing products. For more information about ULi Green solutions, the company's website is

Source: Business Wire, ULi Electronics

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