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Published July 12, 2005 12:00 AM

On Beyond Organic: GMO Legal Battles

Last year, California’s Mendocino County passed legislation banning the planting of Genetically Modified (GM) crops within its borders. Trinity and Sonoma Counties quickly followed suit.

Critics of Genetically Modified (GM) crops, convinced that the federal regulatory process has been hijacked by special interests, have decided to battle take action into their own hands by rallying public support for GM bans, county-by-county. It’s a battle that has seen some of the world’s largest corporations taking on (and, in some cases, losing to) family farmers, activists and hippies.

Now, pro-biotech supporters have responded with “seed pre-emption law.” In California, they’ve formed the Healthy Foods Coalition - supported by the Farm Bureau, Cattlemen’s Association and others - to outlaw such county-wide bans. So far, they’re succeeded in 14 states.

Will California be next?

Join host Jerry Kay, publisher of the Environmental News Network as we learn about the latest battles over GMO legislation in the US and worldwide.


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Source: Icicle Networks

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