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Published August 25, 2007 05:59 PM

New Book Details GMO Dangers, Failures

LOS ANGELES, CA. - Author Jeffrey Smith says new science proves genetic engineering is unsafe. Smith, an internationally respected expert on GMO's, hopes to force food manufacturers to remove genetically engineered ingredients from products.

Smith's new book, Genetic Roulette, targets consumers with the message: Healthy Eating Means No-GMOs.

Smith has spent the last two years helping to coordinate a national labeling initiative with stores and retailers. He describes what drew so many diverse CEOs to respond to the GE threat, "Once they had the evidence of how widespread GE contamination had become, they took control to fund the independent technical standards and product testing necessary to create a reliable Non-GMO Label."

Since 1996 genetically engineered food ingredient use has expanded. GMO's are now found in thousands of products, with names like high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, and canola and vegetable oils. Smith says, "It is important to note, that our present naturally-bred crops are at risk from GE contamination whether by wind or just everyday human error, and once airborne, GE contaminates cannot be recalled".

Smith's new book, Genetic Roulette, is the most authoritative and up-to-date compilation of the health dangers of GM foods. It has been presented to governments around the world as evidence sufficient to enact a ban of GM foods. Senator Tester has included a message for American consumers on the back cover.


Smith moderates an expert exchange forum at, to insure the latest science findings about GE health risks are communicated around the world. The findings come from the Genetic Roulette Food Project, a new food safety network representing over 50 countries.

When asked why genetically engineered food labeling hasn’t been done before, Smith replied, "Ostensibly, the FDA allows for-profit corporations to do the safety policy writing for their products. Consequently, no safety testing is done, and no problems are found.

When asked if all consumers, especially those with young children, should change their grocery buying habits, Smith replied, "Consumers should review the website so they can make an informed decision".

The Institute for Responsible Technology, is a public education nonprofit that works on major public initiatives with scientists and concerned citizens from around the world to publicize the dangers of GMOs.

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