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Published August 28, 2007 07:08 AM

Cyclone Power Technologies Tests Fuel Made From Oranges

Cyclone Power Technologies announced today that it has burned a bio-fuel derived from orange peels in the high-performance fuel injector of its Green Revolution Engine.

The 100% natural bio-fuel, d-Limonene, atomized efficiently through the fuel injector, produced a clean burning flame, and registered a BTU level almost 500 units greater than kerosene. Equally important, the test required no modifications to the fuel injector, demonstrating the versatility of this critical component of Cyclone's engine.

"Our fuel injector is based on a technology known as High Turbulence Siphon-Type Air Atomization, which emits a small micron gasified particle," stated Michael Hodgson, Cyclone's chief engineer. "We can ignite the bio-fuels on and off like a light switch and they are very clean to burn."

Over the next few weeks, the Company plans to test other alternative fuels in its fuel injector, including bio-diesels produced from palm oil, cotton seed oil and chicken fat, as well as ethanol, which is produced from corn.

"We're very pleased with what these results tell us about our fuel injector," stated CEO Harry Schoell. "We're also pleased with d-Limonene, which burns hotter and cleaner than kerosene, and also makes the entire test area smell like oranges."


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