From: Paul Geary, ENN
Published August 5, 2005 12:00 AM

ENN Expo Brings Together Innovative Companies and Environmentally-Savvy Consumers

ENN Expo was created to give innovative companies and organizations the opportunity to display their creations to ENN's large and environmentally-savvy audience. Alternatively, green consumers can peruse the Expo and learn about the many truly forward-thinking businesses and products that are in the environmental products market today.

The response to ENN Expo has been overwhelmingly positive, and a number of companies have already posted displays on the Expo. These business have a range of products, which you can find easily as the Expo has 29 categories to choose from, making it easy to discover the products and services that you're looking for.

The honor of first company to post on ENN Expo goes to PowerFlare Corporation, a maker of a safe, rugged, and environmentally friendly alternative to the common roadside flare. The company's PowerFlare Safety Light was invented by a police officer -- and this interesting bit of company history is featured in the Expo entry. PowerFlare's posting also includes a picture of its primary product, information about its other offerings, and contact information. The Expo is just the medium for companies such as PowerFlare to market new products such as the PowerFlare Safety Light.

Other companies represented on the Expo include Earth Neighborhood Productions, a publisher of humorous books about cleaning up the planet. The "Message Book" series comprise novels about efforts to save the planet, including "unforgettable characters, like a cleaning lady who leads the world-wide clean-up." The company's Expo entry includes contact information and a link to its website, where you can buy its books online.

Among the capabilities of the Expo is the ability for companies and organizations to include audio or video presentations, and one innovative company has done just that. If you're looking to build a home or renovate the one that you have, you can be sure that you're using the most ecologically sound products with EnviroGLAS Products Inc. EnviroGLAS "converts post-consumer and industrial glass bound for the landfill into elegant, sustainable and ecological hard surfaces and landscaping materials. Unique mixtures of 100% crushed recycled glass are combined with custom color-pigmented epoxy resin and poured in place to create exquisite Terrazzo applications for flooring, counters and tabletops." You can learn more about EnviroGLAS on its Expo display, in which you can see a video presentation about the company, as well as a picture of a stylish office foyer built with EnviroGLAS products.


Visit ENN Expo for these and other companies on the cutting edge of environmentally-sound products and services. You can find the Expo exclusively on ENN here:

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