Published September 19, 2007 12:08 PM

Green Cupons For A Greener World?

LOS ANGELES - Today, everyone knows it's cool to be green. It's in the papers everyday. So why hasn't the idea of "Green Consumerism" taken hold among middle class Americans?

It's simple: convenience and price.

An environmentally friendly home improvement store isn't going to just appear before our eyes. And try finding any selection of "fair trade" clothing or "cruelty free" cosmetics in a department store. Retailers are slow to move towards products that traditionally have lower profit margins.

But someone is out to change all of this. PTA mom, environmental activist and business owner, Jennifer Caronna. She started Fundraising Green with a focus on healthy kids, healthy homes and a healthy planet. Her new fundraising product is a Green Coupon Book. It's called myGreenSpark Redemption Book and will be available this November. It's full of coupon offers from Green, Ethical and Healthy businesses that serve Southern California, the U.S. and the world.

"Our Green Coupon Book serves many purposes. First, it raises money for our customers in an ethical manner, while promoting Green and Healthy habits. Second, instead of participating in school assemblies that teach them how to shill cookie dough to family and friends, students are exposed to the idea of living green and eating healthy and how both are equally as important in creating healthy communities. Further to this point, our redemption book doubles as an educational tool, with explanations on the stubs of each coupon telling why we as consumers should use this product or service to better our health and the environment. We think that our book will provide the "Green Spark" that families need to see just how easy all of this can be. And finally, when used, the coupons do create "Green Consumers". The more coupons we redeem, the less impact we have on our environment and the healthier we become. We encourage families to explore the contents of the book together. To find a few new products and services, as a family, that will lead them on the path to a Greener, Healthier, Happier lifestyle," Jennifer says.

Jennifer is also quick to point out that besides a lot of fun and healthy kids activities, the myGreenSpark Redemption Book is loaded with coupons for everything you need to Green your life. Green your home, your clothes, your kids, your pets, your food and even your vacation. And all with exclusive myGreenSpark discounts. "It's been so rewarding putting this book together. Business Partners like REI, The Aquarium of the Pacific, Flexcar, Bikestation, No Sweat Apparel, 118 Degrees, and Organic Bouquet have been very supportive and are excited about our project."



Jennifer continues, "As the dust settles, we're seeing that a significant number of our coupon offers are web-based. We've come to the conclusion that the Internet offers a very comprehensive and cost effective way to Green the life of most American families. And just think, you never even have to get in your car."

"This gave us an idea. Reaction from around the country has been great. People keep signing up on our website asking us when we'll have a Green Coupon Book for their area. We're working on more cities as we speak, but in the meantime, we've decided to produce an "Internet Only" version of the myGreenSpark Redemption Book and offer it as a new nationwide eco-friendly fundraiser. At the very least we'll educate a ton of people. At best we'll create Green consumers, influence big business to go Green and help in the fight to create a sustainable economy."

The myGreenSpark Redemption Book Fundraiser will be available to schools, clubs, non-profits and foundations this November. It's a zero administration, web-based fundraiser. Customers never collect any funds or distribute any product, but receive 40% - 50% of the proceeds.

To learn more about Fundraising Green visit or email Green teens and Green mentors please visit and learn how you can get involved to make a difference.

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