From: Vanessa Woods
Published September 25, 2007 09:15 AM

ENN Blog From The Congo: The many moods of Tatanga

September 24  - I should hate him. He throws mud at me. Refuses to be tested. Routinely bullies and beats up Kikwit, my favourite bonobo of all time. And yet... I'm mesmerised by his beauty. He is in every article I publish, he hangs on my wall lifesized, I think I have around, say, a million photos of him. Oh yes, it's hard not to be a little in love with Tatanga. Here he is in all his capricious moods.

new baby co,ing along well. will post pics soon. starting new study tomorrow, officially called prepubescent bonobo sociosexual frequency study, unofficially called baby bonobo bonking study. more later


September 23rd 2007

New baby arrived

The new baby arrived today at 8:30 in the morning. She comes from Lodja, a particularly troublesome spot in the middle of Congo where they eat bonobos. So her parents were killed and the hunters were trying to sell her as a pet.

There have been 5 baby bonobos confiscated from Lodja in the last few weeks. Two are dead. Two are now here, and there is another one arriving soon.
The staff here have given the new baby the most impossible name: Katakokombe. I'm never going to remember it. It's a town in Congo. All the bonobos here are named after a village in Congo. It's a neat trick because everyone who comes gets attached to the bonobo named after their home town. It reminds the Congolese that you can't find bonobos anywhere else, and that they, as much as anyone, also belong to Congo.


Katakokombe seems in good health. She didn't much like her bath.

But she eats like a little pig.

I didn't disgrace myself by getting all teary because the worst is over for her. It's only going to get better from here. Lomela gave her a friendly squeal when she saw her in the vet block. Kata squealed back and the mamas said Lomela was asking for the latest Lodja gossip. It was really cute.

We spent all afternoon watching the bonobos. I realised how lucky they are to have made it here safely. I hope Kata grows up healthy and strong. I hope she makes new girlfriends and beats all the boys up.



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