From: Reuters
Published October 11, 2007 08:27 AM

Nissan praised for environmental efforts

TOKYO (Reuters) - Nissan Motor Co and Daimler AG beat other automakers to be recognized as the sector's leaders in tackling climate change, Nissan said on Thursday, citing an annual report by a coalition of global investors.

The non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project recognized Nissan in its Climate Disclosure Leadership Index for the first time, Japan's third-biggest automaker said.



Last year, five automakers -- BMW AG, Ford Motor Co, Renault SA, Toyota Motor Corp and DaimlerChrysler, as the German automaker was known then -- made the list.

Nissan announced a medium-term environmental action plan last year focused on reducing carbon dioxide emissions, including a pledge to cut emissions at its factories by 7 percent in 2010 from 2005 levels.

The Carbon Disclosure Project surveyed about 2,400 companies worldwide this year, choosing 68 for the index.

Nissan has been trying to reverse its image as an environmental laggard to Toyota and Honda Motor Co, the leading makers of gasoline-electric hybrid cars.

In a separate report, U.S.-based environmental lobby Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) this month chided Toyota for its "two-faced" approach, based on its opposition to a provision in the Senate energy bill that would improve vehicle fuel economy.

"Toyota ... is trying to scuttle strong fuel economy standards currently proposed in Congress. In contrast, Nissan publicly supports the Senate fuel economy provision," UCS research director David Friedman wrote.

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