From: Paul Geary, ENN
Published August 25, 2005 12:00 AM

Innovative Environment-Friendly Products: EnviroGLAS

Periodically ENN has been bringing you stories about the most innovative environment-friendly products on the market today. Also, we cover stories about new and cutting-edge products regularly in our news sections. We'll continue to bring you stories about products that aim to make your choices as a green consumer more varied. As the market for greener products expands, companies will fill that demand with more and better products that are good for the environment. We'll be here to tell you about these new choices.

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In this installment, we bring you a company and a product that is currently featured on ENN Expo: EnviroSLAB from EnviroGLAS.

EnviroGLAS makes a number of products using recycled glass that would otherwise make its way into a landfill. The company produces landscaping sand, flooring, countertops, and tabletops, all using reclaimed mirror glass, plate glass, cobalt glass, and other types of waste glass as a primary material.

The reclaimed glass is mixed with an epoxy resin to create countertops and flooring with such well-known styles as Terrazzo, a popular choice because of its throwback to Venetian styling. In the fifteenth century, artisans in Venice used marble remnants mixed with mortar to create mosaic flooring for terraces and plazas. They were in essence early recyclers, and the fact that they used recycled materials did not detract from, and in fact enhanced, some of the most beautiful architecture ever created.


EnviroSLAB countertops start at about $40 per square foot, making the price comparable to other high-end countertop materials. In this case though, you'll be contributing to the environment as well as the style of your kitchen.

You can learn more about EnviroGLAS at the company's website,

or on its entry in ENN Expo. There are a number of other environment-friendly products and services to check out on ENN Expo as well.

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