From: Associated Press
Published September 7, 2005 12:00 AM

Year after Missouri Community's Lake Went Down the Drain, It's Disappearing Again

WILDWOOD, Mo. — Did someone pull the plug again?

Little more than a year after it practically disappeared overnight, Lake Chesterfield is dwindling again.

"Deja vu, all over again," said Bruce Colella, chair of the homeowners' association board of trustees.

The 23-acre artificial lake in this affluent St. Louis suburb drained last year like a bathtub after the plug was pulled. A geologist determined that water had eroded layers of limestone, creating gaps in the bedrock.

Residents of the subdivision voted to contribute about $1,000 per home for repairs, spending a total of about $650,000.


By last month, the lake was almost back to its normal level and it had been restocked with thousands of fish.

Last week, however, residents noticed that the water was dropping again, by at least a foot a day, Colella said.

The lake must drain completely before a geologist can determine exactly what the problem is, he said.

"Last year, I knew what to do," Colella said. "This year, I'm not sure. I don't think people have the stomach for another $1,000 assessment."

Source: Associated Press

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