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Published September 15, 2005 12:00 AM

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SAN FRANCISCO — Firmly established as the best Internet destination for environmental news and information, the Environmental New Network ( announces the addition of yet another offering to its diverse suite of media products.

ENN TV, launching today at features the most compelling environmental programming from around the world. Refreshed with new films each week, ENN TV showcases the work of environmental organizations, environmentally focused businesses, documentary filmmakers, and more. The potential uses of ENN TV are endless, suggests ENN Publisher and ENN TV General Manager Jerry Kay.

“ENN TV represents a new dimension in news and information delivery,” Kay says, “It’s about content integration ”“ text, audio, images, video ”“ all delivered in a uniquely user-friendly way.”

The “user-friendly” technology that drives ENN TV is the FLIMP (Flash Interactive Media Player), a groundbreaking media player that offers viewers a high definition TV experience on the Internet with lightning-fast downloads (up to 70% faster than other media players). “The FLIMP is the next generation of media players,” Kay says.

In addition to bringing audiences news, entertainment, and information from a wide range of organizations, businesses, and filmmakers, ENN TV will feature a regular video commentary series, much like the popular guest commentary column on “The objective of both our commentary series is to promote a dialogue on important environmental issues of our time,” Kay says.


Among the films currently playing on ENN TV:

“I made a mistake; I knew I was in trouble. It’s called the bends.” These harrowing words from acclaimed marine cinematographer Howard Hall convey a sense of the dangers he encountered shooting the new IMAX film Coral Reef Adventure at depths as extreme as 350 feet. Along with his wife, fellow marine cinematographer Michele Hall, Howard embarked on a spectacular underwater adventure with a mission: to investigate what forces threaten coral reefs, "rainforests of the sea." A film by Everest producers MacGillivray Freeman Films, Coral Reef Adventure documents the Halls' inspiring and crucial journey, from Australia to Tahiti. Catch a preview on ENN TV.

What does it feel like to walk on broken glass? Just ask the students at a Texas elementary school where 14 tons of glass is underfoot all day in hallways and classrooms. The choice of Terrazzo flooring -- an environmentally friendly and durable material made of crushed recycled glass -- throughout the school reminds students on a daily basis of the importance of sustainability. Made by EnviroGLAS Products, Inc. out of post-consumer and industrial glass, Terrazzo flooring is derived from a craft more than 1,500 years old, and boasts both beauty and longevity. Giving an old product new life is what EnviroGLAS's Terrazzo is all about.

Described as a reclusive oddball with "rabbit ears and kangaroo legs" the bilby of the Australian is so rare that some think it's a mythical fabrication. Two people have championed the unusual creature, and through determination and contagious enthusiasm have won the support of politicians, neighbors, and everyday folks alike through their efforts to save the bilby from extinction.

Through ENN TV, you can share your video with the world. In celebration of ENN TV’s debut, ENN will showcase a variety of productions for free. To inquire, please email a brief synopsis of your video to Jerry Kay at for consideration. Submissions may be a maximum of four minutes long, and, if accepted, may be delivered in DVD or DV tape format.

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