From: Reuters
Published December 16, 2007 08:38 AM

Spanish police arrest 63 in child pornography swoop

MADRID (Reuters) - Spanish police said on Sunday they had arrested 63 people across the country in five investigations into child pornography being posted, viewed and paid for on the Internet.

It is the second huge swoop this year after police arrested 66 people on charges of child pornography in July. Last year, the state attorney said the number of under-age pornography investigations had risen 48.4 percent.

The police said some of the people they arrested this time had produced child pornography material that was then posted on the Web. They also arrested four Russians who had made about 200,000 euros ($290,600) from selling access to pictures.

In one of the investigations, police found footage of a 10-year-old being abused by an adult which led them to evidence of eight other minors being mistreated.


Another of the investigations found films of a 13-year-old girl being abused by two members of her family.

(Reporting by Blanca Rodriguez; Writing by Jane Barrett; Editing by Janet Lawrence)

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