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Published November 15, 2005 12:00 AM

On Beyond Organic: Organics Under Attack?

If you eat organic food, you’ll want to listen to this week’s show.

The question: are organic standards - and the process which guides their evolution - being undermined by corporate greed or are those same standards being protected to promote booming growth that benefits farmers and consumers?

It’s a complex issue which has organizations traditionally allied in an “Us v. Them” argument.

The debate stems from a single lawsuit and subsequent legal actions primarily over the use of synthetic ingredients ”“ such as baking soda and carbon dioxide - in food processing.


“Synthetics are really a proxy for a bigger question about the future of the organic food industry,” says Samuel Fromartz, journalist and author of the upcoming book, Organic, Inc. “For if you ban synthetics, you ban big food and organic remains a pristine, pure niche.”

On this week’s show, host Jerry Kay facilitates a conversation between the Organic Consumers Association and the Organic Trade Association, two leading organic advocates who are taking very different stances in this contentious debate.

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