From: Associated Press
Published November 30, 2005 12:00 AM

Greek Capital's Landfill To Close Down over the Weekend

ATHENS, Greece — The operators of the Greek capital's only landfill said Tuesday they would close down the site indefinitely over the weekend because it has far exceeded capacity and is unsafe.

It will close from Dec. 4, said Giorgos Mastorakos, head of the greater Athens area association of local authorities, or ESDKNA, which runs the dump.

"This is a long-standing problem, but we have now reached the point of no return," he said. "The situation has exceeded all safety limits."

ESDKNA said the government should undertake responsibility for running the site -- which receives up to 6,000 tons of rubbish daily -- if it is to remain open.

The dump, at Ano Liossia on the capital's northwestern outskirts, is scheduled to close down at the end of this year. But government plans to replace it with three new landfills are still in preliminary stages.


In October, landfill workers closed the site for eight days claiming the dumping at the site of partially treated sewage was damaging their health.

Source: Associated Press

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