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Published March 7, 2008 12:48 AM

Kiva & Markmakers - the gift of giving

by Kyla @ 9:50 am

A great way to indoctrinate kids to the lifestyle of giving – give a child a Markmakers gift card. This way, card recipients can shop at an online gift store for goods, services, and items needed around the world in order to help the rainforest, wildlife, or underprivileged people. Learn more @

Similarly, allows you to lend money to an individual entrepreneur in a developing nation so that he or she might rise out of poverty with just a little help. This gift certificate works similarly to markmakers’.


You’ll want to consider your child’s maturity level when choosing such a gift, making sure that it is age-appropriate and something your child can understand and appreciate. This is an excellent teaching opportunity for those ready to learn.

Non-monetary gifts can be even more meaningful to a child, such as spending time together outdoors. Some of my best memories are of casting wildlife footprints with my mom on the riverbank using Plaster of Paris.

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