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Published March 17, 2008 09:19 AM

Nordstrom Bags It

Nordstrom, the upscale department store chain, is getting on the "green" bag bandwagon. The company recently announced that, starting in April, it will begin transitioning to shopping bags, gift boxes and tissue paper that are 100% recyclable. It's not clear if those bags will be made from recycled paper or some other material, though during the holiday season, the company will introduce new gift boxes made of 100 percent recycled paper stock that is 30 percent post-consumer waste.


The company is alo introducing a reusable shopping tote. The foldable, metallic brushed linen bag will feature a cityscape design representing every city where a Nordstrom store can be found. The bag comes in a little case that serves as the bottom of the bag when it is unfolded. Big enough to fit two shoe boxes, the bag will retail for  $21.95. Look for it first in the Northwest, Northern California, and Southern California.

Let's hope Nordstrom's next step is to sell clothing made from recycled, hemp and organic cotton fibers.

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