From: UNEP
Published July 8, 2008 10:03 AM

A Stamp for Sustainable Lifestyles

The French postal service "La Poste" and UNEP have partnered to publish a booklet of letter stamps (Carnet de dix) inspired by the project UNEP/UNESCO youthXchange. This Carnet has the dimension and shape of a business card and contains 10 stamps, each of which carries a message related to sustainable consumption.

The stamps present 10 objects or aspects of our daily lives from different angles so as to make us think about our lifestyles through synthesis, humour, and beautiful images (the sun/heater or the bicycle/transport of the future, etc.). The answers and indications on what to do are in the back cover of the carnet which is designed to be a reusable reminder fitting in the wallet.


The stamp is targeted at a large public and represents for the two organizations a tool for a large scale awareness campaign in France on sustainable lifestyles: 7 million Carnets will be sold through the postal offices across the country for a total of 70 million individual stamps. The life of a stamp is multiple: from its purchase by the customers to the receiver's discovery, the journey of a stamp witnessed by several people.

UNEP and "la Poste" understand the importance of educating and informing the public on sustainable lifestyles and are conscious of the need to present this information in an entertaining and compelling manner. The Carnet is a way for La Poste to highlight its values and commitment towards sustainable development (La Poste is signatory to the Global Compact) and to benefit from UNEP expertise. For UNEP, this collaboration has been an occasion to benefit from an excellent outreach mechanisms to the public.

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