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Published July 31, 2008 07:38 AM

Go Green, Live Rich

With all the belt-tightening going on, most people seem ready to give up whatever eco-friendly actions they've adopted in order to economize. In his new book, Go Green, Live Rich, best-selling author David Bach makes a convincing case that saving energy and resources will not just save you money, but make you money, too. He offers four steps for greener living that could save you $10 a day every day of the year. They are:


1) improve your car's fuel economy: save $884 annually

2) seal leaks in your home to reduce heating and cooling needs; save $129

3) adjust thermostat in either direction 3 degrees: save $85

3) Bring lunch to work (in reusable containers): save $1,560

Total savings: $3,758 per year, or approximately $10 a day.

So...before you think you can't afford to live green, think again. Not only will you enjoy immediate savings, but you'll have extra investment income to help fill your green piggy bank for the future.

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