From: NY Times
Published September 5, 2008 09:03 AM

E.P.A. Issues New Engine Rules

WASHINGTON — Announcing what it called new “surf and turf” standards, the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday set stricter antipollution rules for engines that run pleasure boats, lawn mowers and weed trimmers.

The agency said the rules would take effect in 2011 for lawn and garden equipment of 25 horsepower or less, and in 2010 for a wide range of inboard and outboard boat engines. Meeting the requirements will probably mean that catalytic converters, standard in modern cars, will become commonplace in lawn-equipment and boat engines.

As if to head off any notion that it is just not worth the trouble to make boats, mowers and weed trimmers cleaner to run, the agency’s administrator, Stephen L. Johnson, offered some attention-getting estimates.

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