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Published October 20, 2008 09:26 AM

Top 10 Green Jobs with Salaries Over 100k

In this time of economic uncertainty, it’s reassuring to hear that we’re in the right field!Forbes has the hook on the increase in environmental jobs with salaries over $100,000.

They feature the top 10 environmental jobs in this salary range: 

1. Chief Sustainability Officer 

These are the folks who keep their company in line: making sure government regulations are met and suggesting environmentally friendly initiatives. 

2. Environmental Engineer 

Environmental Engineers minimize the environmental impact of construction and development projects. The demand for environmental engineers is projected to grow by 25% by 2016.

3. Environmental Lawyer 
Environmental lawyers can represent environmental groups or their adversaries. Obviously the green choice is the former—Forbes doesn’t specify which one is the big economic winner, but I’m guessing the oil companies pay more than NRDC.

4. Climatologist/Environmental Meteorologist 
Climatologists study the weather. Very important as we all become more interested in what’s happening with global warming.

5. Renewable Energy Manager 
Lots of jobs managing all those new renewable portfolio projects for the utilities or the solar, wind, and biofuel companies. 

6. Environmental Specialist/Scientist 
Finally all those geeky environmental science degrees are paying off! Environmental Specialists can work in the field chasing frogs, or crunching numbers in front of a computer. 

7. Senior Urban Planner 

Urban planners who can help design walkable, public transit friendly cities are a hot commodity for cities that are eager to reduce their carbon footprint or their energy costs.

8. Commercial/Industrial Designer 
Designers with a knowledge of sustainable materials, who can create low-cost environmentally friendly products are in high demand since green is the new black.

9. Conservation Scientist 
Conservation scientists analyze use of natural resources to ensure that they are not depleted. These folks can work for the government or landowners to help them manage their resources.

10. Senior Hydrologist 
A hydrologist is a water expert. They work managing wastewater treatment, watersheds and sewers. As fresh clean water becomes harder to find, these guys have the keys to managing the new liquid gold.

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