From: NY Times
Published November 11, 2008 09:41 AM

More Earthly Advice for Obama

Former Vice President Al Gore and Paul and Anne Ehrlich, the prize-winning ecologists and authors at Stanford University, have weighed in with suggestions for President-elect Barack Obama. Mr. Gore gave his updated prescription for climate and energy policy in an op-ed article in The Times on Sunday. It’s similar to his speech earlier in the year, reprising his call to wean the United States from coal-generated electricity within a decade.


Interestingly, Mr. Gore appeared to put himself at odds with Mr. Obama by including an outright rejection of what Big Coal and both presidential candidates call “clean coal” — burning the fossil fuel but capturing and burying the resulting carbon dioxide. Mr. Obama has specifically proposed devoting significant government money to advancing such technology — something President Bush pledged, but failed, to do.

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