From: WWF
Published December 18, 2008 11:26 AM

WWF applauds British call for ship emission trading

London, England - WWF-UK has welcomed a call from the British shipping industry for a global emissions trading scheme which would help to combat greenhouse gases.

The British Chamber of Shipping yesterday became the first major global shipping body to call for such a solution. It claims a scheme of this nature would combat carbon emissions more effectively than regional schemes operated by the European Union.

The trade body said it recognised that there was no effective way to include shipping in a national carbon emissions scheme because of the very nature of seaborne trade, and that trading emissions were the only practical solution. A UN International Maritime Organisation report shows that shipping accounts for close to 3 per cent of global CO2 emissions.


“I am very pleased that the UK shipping industry is advocating an emissions trading system for ships and I look forward to working with them to refine and build support for the proposal,” said Peter Lockley, Head of Transport Policy WWF-UK.

“If designed well, the scheme would put a price on maritime carbon emissions, speeding up the drive for cleaner ships and helping to pay for low-carbon development in poorer countries. It would position shipping as a progressive and responsible industry, and I very much hope that it will be part of a global climate change deal next year in Copenhagen.”

Martin Watson, president of the UK Chamber of Shipping which represents some 860 merchant ships that trade internationally, said that UK shipping “must make a significant contribution” in battling carbon emissions. He described his organisation’s latest move as “a bold and far-reaching decision that gives a lead to the rest of the shipping world”.

“This is the first association to come out and support emissions trading in an effort to try and rally sister associations around the world ahead of the 2009 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen,” said John Stevenson, another spokesman for the Chamber of Shipping.

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