From: Low Impact Living
Published January 27, 2009 09:45 AM

Energy Challenge Issued to Employees

Energy Star challenges all employees to reduce the energy use at their places of work, through its newest promotion, “Bring Your Green to Work.”  The corresponding web siteoffers employees the chance to register themselves and their company for the challenge and learn more about how to reduce energy use.

The child in me likes the “virtual office” application that offers several tips for lowering energy use.  Ideas include unplugging cell phone chargers when not in use, using window shades to block or allow light and heat into the space as necessary, and, of course, using Energy Star rated equipment.  It is presented in an easy to use interface, in which users click on blue stars placed throughout the “office” to receive the tips.


Other features of the site include, as I mentioned above, the opportunity to register individuals or companies as participating in the challenge.  There are also several areas full of resources and ideas for lowering energy use in a commercial setting.  Once a company joins the challenge, more resources are available, including logos, brochures, and web banners to post on web sites.

There is also a guide to starting a “Green Team.”  These committees are started by companies to assess and work with employees and management to lower energy use.  They also can work on improving the environmental footprint of a company in general.  Their duties may include assessing manufacturing processes and materials, office procedures, and starting awareness and recycling programs.

With all these wonderful resources available, there are no more excuses for continuing “business as usual.”  Energy Star and I challenge you to “Bring Your Green to Work!”

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