From: Triple Pundit
Published February 25, 2009 08:35 AM

A Simple, Smart, Free Way to Green Your Office

Typically when a company starts thinking of how to become greener, they either think big, as in how to reduce their carbon (and soon, water) footprint, or on an more immediate scale - how to green your office. Recycling, lighting, energy use monitoring spring to mind first.

But there's something equally as ubiquitous and therefore overlooked - the amount of ink used when printing those everyday things - things that add up to a lot of paper, and a lot of ink.

How do you reduce the amount of ink used then? Simple: poke holes in the lettering. Come again?


Ecofont is a font created by Dutch creative communications agency SPRANQ and after testing it for readability, they settled on using Vera Sans, an open source font, with circles cut out throughout the middle of the lettering.

Seeming to address what I thought when I first heard about EcoFont, they say:

At the shown size, this obviously is not very nice, but at a regular font size it is actually very usable.
So while it's not something you'll want to be using for your next annual report (Or who knows, maybe you do, it does make a strong statement!) there are many documents where the appearance is not the focus: communication is. And Ecofont would serve this well.

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