From: Farah Master, Reuters
Published August 22, 2009 10:35 AM

Brazil Says, Return to Sender

A ship laden with British containers suspected of containing toxic waste illegally exported to Brazil arrived back in the UK on Friday.

Brazilian health authorities say the shipment, supposedly recyclable waste, was in fact full of condoms, syringes and human waste.


The material was found by Brazilian officials in three of the country's ports over the past few months.

Britain's Environment Agency said 71 of the 89 containers have arrived at Felixstowe docks in Suffolk, with the rest expected from next Tuesday.

"From what they have told us, they contain household waste and things like syringes, condoms," said an Agency spokesman.

"But we can't confirm that because no one from the Environment Agency has actually seen the content of the containers."

The Agency said it might have to fumigate the containers over the coming week before it can fully investigate.

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