From: Roger Greenway, ENN
Published August 6, 2010 03:17 PM

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is where Sustainability Starts

Companies want to promote their efforts to be more "sustainable". But what does this mean? There is no hard and fast definition, so what being sustainable means to a company is open to some interpretation. Many companies start their quest to me more sustainable by looking at the life cycle environmental impacts of their products. The focus is not only on is this a great product, and is it helpful to users to reduce energy use, or in some other way to be "green" but on what are the manufacturing, distribution, and ultimate disposal impacts as well. These are all part of the life cycle of products.

ENN provides news related to Life Cycle Assessment, and for 2010 is a media sponsor of LCA Sustainable Product Design USA 2010. This conference has evolved to meet the demands of today’s CSR, Environmental Affairs Strategists and for the first time engineering and product design experts as well.

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Leading Product Design and Sustainability Directors from the electronics, consumer goods and industrial manufacturing sectors including Hewlett Packard, Dell, Nike and Johnson & Johnson will discuss this issue and more at at this new event organized by American Business Conferences. This event will give companies strategies from the leaders in the field, which they can take away to incorporate life cycle thinking and sustainability into product design, cost effectively. At the same time, it will provide practical experiences on how leading companies have used product design to effectively reduce impacts in key areas of the life cycle.

This two day summit offers a diverse, yet focused perspective for companies across multiple sectors:
- Plenary sessions offering fresh perspectives to all companies
- Break out sessions split by sector:
Electronic Goods
Consumer Goods
- Round table discussions to create industry collaboration

For more details and to register click here alternatively, send an email to:

or call +44 (0)208 920 1417.

Register before 20th August and save $400.

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