From: Emily Shelton, Ecologist, More from this Affiliate
Published September 28, 2010 02:18 PM

Fish farmers in Scotland killing estimated 2,000 seals a year

Campaigners warn legislation to protect seals is "no where near tight enough" as industry initiative attempts to find alternatives to shooting

Major retailers and animal welfare groups, including Sainsburys and the RSPCA, are to attempt to end the killing of seals by the salmon industry.


Seals are a problem for fish farms as they can damage nets and release salmon, potentially damaging the wild populations.

At present with no incentive to adopt non-lethal methods, shooting seals is still considered "cheapest and final" solution for Scottish Salmon industry.

Earlier this year the Scottish government announced a new licencing scheme which authorises the killing of seals to protect farmed fish, fisheries and fish farms. Campaigners warn the new scheme, which is planned to go live in early 2011, is just a disguise for a "nationwide culling system" and is calling for alternative solutions.

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