From: Maurice Picow, Green Prophet
Published November 30, 2010 01:14 PM

Israeli Electric Cars on the Fast Track – Says Company’s Power Supplier

Contrary to reservations being made about the Better Place electric car company being a monopoly in Israel's upcoming electric car market, it now appears that the head of one of the country's largest holding companies, the Israel Corporation, is very positive concerning the future of electric cars in Israel and other countries. Favorable remarks in regards to electric cars were made recently by Israel Corps.' CEO, Nir Gilad, in an interview with Globes Financial News.


Gilad told Globes that he expects these cars to be "commercially on the roads" by the year 2012. He notes that the company largely responsible for this occurring, Better Place LLC, is on the "fast track" in setting up the infrastructure needed for running these cars on Israel's motorways.

Nir Gilad believes that these cars are the trend for the future; and that every leading car maker has announced plans to offer their versions of electric cars. When Globe's reported told Gilad that "The cow called Better Place has eaten a lot of grass and when will it be time to 'milk it' Gilad replied:

"If we put your cynicism aside for a moment and discuss the issue seriously, on the basis of your allegory, in 2006 when we just began to talk about electric cars, we looked more like a Mad Cow. Today, every leading global carmaker has announced the production of electric cars."

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