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Published October 28, 2011 08:01 AM

Catholic archbishop says climate change action is a waste of time and money

The Catholic Archbishop of Sydney George Pell has questioned the morality and cost benefits of tackling climate change in a controversial speech in London. The Australian cardinal used his speech to liken carbon trading to Medieval indulgences and described green campaigners as not merely zealous but zealots. He said the only long-term benefits of schemes to tackle climate change will be extra government taxes and revenues and the cost of attempts to tackle global warming will be very heavy.


Speaking at the annual lecture of the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), a London-based climate sceptic think tank, the church leader delivered his controversial views telling the audience the Latin maxim “in dubio non agitur: don’t act when in doubt”.

He added: "As a bishop who regularly preaches to congregations of every age and at widely different levels of prosperity and education, I have some grasp of the challenges in presenting a point of view to the general public. This helps me to understand the propaganda achievements of the climate extremists, at least until their attempted elimination of the Medieval Warming and then Climategate. I was not surprised to learn that the IPCC used some of the world’s best advertising agencies to generate maximum effect among the public."

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