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Published December 13, 2011 09:10 AM

UK issues severe weather alert as experts warn of worst storm in decades

Government officials have this afternoon issued a warning as one of the stormiest periods the UK has seen for several years is set to worsen. Weather experts warn the strength of an incoming low-pressure system can already be compared to the Great Storm of 1703.


According to the advisory released by the Central Office of Information this afternoon, the end of the week in particular could see dramatic stormy conditions across England and Wales.

Experts are already warning that Friday's storm could be likened to the Great Storm of 1703 with a forecast of record low pressures as hurricane-force winds crash in from the west.

Weather records show the pressure at the centre of the 1703 Great Storm was 973 millibars but current forecast data shows the pressure at the centre of Friday's storm will be around 972 millibars and could even drop as low as 920 millibars.

According to the latest severe weather warning, Scotland is unlikely to be as badly affected by Friday's storm as England and Wales.

Jonathan Powell of Positive Weather Solutions told ClickGreen tonight that Friday's storm is likely to be destructive as well as disruptive.

"There is every expectation that the storm later in the week will deliver an extraordinary punch," he said. "Winds are forecast to reach 80mph and there is every possibility the storm will wind itself up even further as it crosses the Atlantic."

The Met Office said an Atlantic storm passing over the UK later today will bring wet and windy weather to the whole country, with some particularly heavy rain for parts of Wales and South West England.

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