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Published January 18, 2012 01:45 PM

Ford’s Future Cars: Plastic Bottle Carpets and Soy Seats

Have you ever wondered how an electric vehicle works, or how car companies can use more environmentally friendly materials? Ford sustainability expert John Viera has spent his entire career working on everything from fuel efficiency improvements in vehicles to sustainability initiatives for manufacturing facilities, and is excited to talk shop with Sierra Club Green Home readers.


Compostable Cars of the Future

Ford recently began incorporating natural materials into its car parts, including wheatstraw and soy products. Ford scientists are also researching uses for coconut husks, carrots, and corn-based plastics. The company envisions making cars with 100% biodegradable interiors in the future.

Wheatstraw is a waste product of wheat. That means using it diverts waste from landfills, and does not require extra agricultural land. Ford uses wheatstraw to create fibers that go in the center consoles and bins, which makes these car components biodegradable.

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Photo: Ford

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