From: Green Prophet
Published May 29, 2013 06:01 AM

Better Place Car Owners Still Swapping Batteries for Now

Following Sunday's news that Israel's Better Place has declared bankruptcy we have to ask: what is going to happen to the 900+ car owners who signed on for the electric deal, one that promised switchable batteries at 37 stations throughout Israel? We speak to one car owner to find out.


Turns out it is still a waiting game: Just how are Better Place car owners reacting to the bad news? One of them, David Rose, who lives in the Galilee region and was one of the first to purchase an electric car said that like other purchasers, he is still waiting to deal with the company liquidators.

He also said that the service network, including the 37 battery exchange stations are still operating normally: "I don't know for how long this will be, but we have been told that we will receive advance notice otherwise," he adds.

He said that he and his wife a have put over 48,000 km on their car since receiving it in early April, 2012; including driving twice to Eilat. "Driving to Eilat in this car is a real dream drive. It's too bad the Israeli public didn't catch on to the idea of this unique driving network," he says.

Rose doesn’t believe that Tesla Motors will come to Israel, as recently rumored on Israeli TV, especially under the present circumstances. "Don't hold your breath regarding Tesla coming in and taking over the Better Place service network. Tesla cars are too expensive for Israel and won’t sell any better than the Renault Fluence cars offered by Better Place," he tells Green Prophet.

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