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Published November 12, 2013 09:50 AM

Green Father Christmas promotes less consumption

A new 'Green Father Christmas' campaign is calling for the festive icon to embrace his green coat, abandoning his allegiance with big global consumer brands. Launched by Abundance Generation, the campaign stands for a Christmas less focused on consumption. 'Green Father Christmas' calls for those holding a greener Christmas to share his image online, allowing his new look to travel across the world.



This image was last spotted in the 1920's, before a well-known drinks company expanded his waistline and donned him in red to promote its brand. Far removed from his modern image, Father Christmas once dressed in green, cut a slim figure, assisting children and those in need.

Abundance Generation, as well as helping Father Christmas find a healthier image, is suggesting its 'Green Energy Investment' as a meaningful gift this Christmas.

Bruce Davis, of Abundance Generation said: "Yes, we're stealing Father Christmas from the major drinks' brand. We're reuniting him with his green coat because, once again, Christmas is about far more than acquiring 'things'. There's a fast growing shift away from giving material goods, to buying gifts with meaning. We’re pretty sure Father Christmas would approve of our Green Energy Investments. A gift that’s helping to create a clean energy future, as well as a secure return for people." 

In a rare interview, Father Christmas said: "The holidays are coming and I agree it's time for a change. Representing a drinks brand was fun for a while, but the thrill of the ride has grown thin – unlike my waistline. Last year, the elves and I delivered fewer throwaway presents than ever before, this year we want to give better gifts and embrace the move towards a greener Christmas. I haven’t worn my green coat for decades but it feels great. It is, admittedly, a little tighter than it used to be."

He continued: "Some of the elves at Abundance Generation have come up with a gift of a 'green energy investment', perfect for those boys and girls who already seem to have everything! Over the last few years I've received an increasing number of letters requesting less disposable 'stuff'. I'm relieved really, I get great joy from making people happy but was really beginning to worry about the environment. All these things are being shipped around the world before arriving in Lapland, and millions of presents end up as clutter or in a hole in the ground. 

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