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Published August 10, 2016 02:21 PM

Why we need to keep rivers cool with riverside tree planting

With some climate predictions warning that river water temperatures will exceed safe thresholds for river fish, the Keep Rivers Cool (KRC) campaign is calling for more riverside tree planting.

Fish in Britain's rivers are under threat from warmer waters. Cold-water species such as Atlantic salmon and brown trout, are struggling to cope as climate change brings significant increases in temperature.

Today there's a call for urgent action to Keep Rivers Cool by planting broadleaf native trees alongside river banks, creating dappled shading and stopping water from warming up.

Shade can reduce temperatures in small rivers by on average 2- 3C compared to un-shaded streams; and by more on hot summer days.

Now Keeping Rivers Cool is calling for action. Speaking on behalf of the KRC partnership Diane Millis, from the Woodland Trust said: "We're asking people who value our rivers to survey their local river bank, and look at specific areas which may need shade. Landowners, Rivers Trusts, anglers, farmers and ecological groups can all help. "

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Pink salmon spawning in river close to a rocky bottom.

Image Credits: Aaron Dufault via Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife 

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