From: Anna Seluyanova, ENN
Published December 2, 2004 12:00 AM

Notes from Anna: Waiting for the Aurora

What do you do with short days and long evenings, once winter begins in the North? A hundred years ago, my great-great-grandmother hunkered down inside her log house for most of the winter, singing songs and embroidering tapestries with her friends. Now that December is here, I decided to search across America for new ways to discover beauty under scarce winter light.

For the past nine years Norio Matsumoto has made it his mission to photograph the landscape of Alaska, camping alone in the wilderness in a snow cave that he builds himself. I wrote to Norio this week to express how much I admire his work. To my delight, I promptly received a warm reply: "I am in Talkeetna, Alaska, waiting for the weather to be clear so I can fly onto a glacier for winter camping and photo shoot. Hope I get some more images to share by the end of the season." Check out Norio's beautiful web gallery... and drop him a line, if you're as inspired as I was!

Through December 23rd, Andrea Schwartz Gallery in San Francisco is hosting a solo exhibit of recent mixed media sculpture by Tracy Krumm. This unconventional artist combines delicate crochet netting with forged metal, and creates evocative sculptures that explore the themes of memory, the passage of time, and gender identity. Krumm uses crochet -- with its long tradition as a feminine craft -- to suspend the metal elements, defeminizing her final work, and liberating her medium from its gender context. The result, meticulously crafted, yet seemingly simple, surprised and touched me in a rare way.

On January 3rd, at "8 bells in the forenoon watch," (more commonly known as "noon" these days) the ninth annual non-stop reading of Melville's Moby Dick will begin at the New Bedford Whaling Museum in Massachusetts. Coffee, snacks, grog, cider, and breakfast will be offered to visitors and volunteer readers during the 25-hour marathon. Visitors may come any time and leave any time. As for me, I'll probably stay all night, so I'll see you there!

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Anna is the Associate Editor of Art & Culture at ENN. She was born in Moscow, and has since lived in Russia, Northern Osetia, Brazil, and the United States. Along with her work at ENN, she is currently pursuing a degree in philosophy at the Northeastern University in Boston.

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