From: Brown University
Published April 24, 2017 02:57 PM

Researchers develop eco-friendly, 4-in-1 catalyst

Brown University researchers have developed a new composite catalyst that can perform four separate chemical reactions in sequential order and in one container to produce compounds useful in making a wide range of pharmaceutical products.

“It normally takes multiple catalysts to carry out all of the steps of this reaction,” said Chao Yu, a post-doctoral researcher at Brown who co-led the work with graduate student Xuefeng Guo. “But we found a single nanocatalyst that can perform this multistep reaction by itself.”

The research, described in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, was a collaboration between the labs of Brown professors Christopher Seto and Shouheng Sun, who are coauthors of the paper.

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Image: Catalysts like this new one developed at Brown University might help make industrial chemistry more sustainable. (Credits: Sun lab / Seto lab / Brown University)

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