From: University of Saskatchewan
Published June 12, 2017 08:11 AM

Student studies vitamin A-boosted chickpeas

In developing countries, more than three million children are at high risk for permanent blindness due to severe vitamin A deficiency.

But University of Saskatchewan researchers think that the power of a little seed could make a difference.

“Chickpeas are a well-known source of protein and minerals,” said Bunyamin Tar’an, plant sciences professor and chickpea breeder at the U of S Crop Development Centre. “Now due to our latest research, we can add to the list that chickpeas are also a good natural source of vitamin A.”

His PhD student Mohammad Rezaei, an Iranian student attracted by U of S agricultural research excellence, has been studying how to increase the natural content of vitamin A in chickpeas. This would help Tar’an develop new varieties to combat dietary deficiencies.


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Photo via University of Saskatchewan.

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