From: USGS
Published August 31, 2017 08:11 AM

USGS Crews Measure Record Flooding in South-Central Texas

As of this morning, 57 USGS streamgages are over National Weather Service flood levels, and water continues to rise at 118 gauges throughout Texas.  

Seventeen USGS field crews are measuring high flood flows and verifying streamgage operations on the Colorado, Brazos, San Jacinto and Trinity River basins. Preliminary data show record high flood levels were measured at 16 locations throughout the greater Houston area. Accessing specific locations has proved challenging due to road closures and many sites being flooded at levels too dangerous to measure at this time.

Today, crews will also start collecting the 16 USGS storm-tide sensors deployed prior to Harvey making landfall to measure and record storm surge impacts. This information will be used by the USGS and other federal, state and local agencies to develop or design better storm-tide models, and will contribute to more accurate flood forecasts.

As more rain is expected, the USGS will continue taking flood measurements that are critical for resource managers and emergency responders to help protect life and property. The USGS is coordinating efforts with the Army Corps of Engineers, the NWS and many other federal, state and local agencies.


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Photo via USGS.

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