From: Associated Press
Published January 8, 2007 12:00 AM

Striking Nepalese to Cut Water Supply to King, Prime Minister's Residences

KATMANDU, Nepal -- Striking employees of the state-run utility agency threatened Sunday to cut off water to the king's palace and residences of the prime minister and other Cabinet members.

Nepal Water Supply Corporation workers have been protesting since Friday against government plans to contract a private firm to supply water to the capital Katmandu's 2 million residences.

Gopi Khadka, a union leader, said the water cut would begin later Sunday to the key residences.

There have been severe water shortages in Katmandu over the past few years, with customers often getting barely an hour of running water every two or three days.

Corruption and indifference in the agency have been blamed for the mismanagement of water supply and the government says a private contractor would be more efficient.

The striking employees said hiring a private agency would increase the cost of water to the general public.

Source: Associated Press

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