From: Jerry Kay, Environmental News Network
Published January 18, 2005 12:00 AM

Environmental Organizations Speak Out Online on Critical Environmental Issues

World Environmental Organizations will speak out online in a new series starting January 31st, 2005 on The Environmental News Network ( as part of The ENN Commentary Series announced today by Jerry Kay, the Publisher of Leaders of a diverse group of environmental organizations large and small are writing the ENN Commentaries. The objective is to promote a dialogue regarding important environmental issues. "While citizens of the United States may be polarized on issues in terms of left and right or red and blue states, we believe that the public wants dialogue and perspective so we launched the ENN Commentary Series.

According to Kay, "The news is often an event oriented business while science and environmental inquiries are a long term process. The December tsunami is a prime example. The media reports on the tsunami and the lives lost and the horrific devastation. But, will the media follow the story for the rebuilding to report on how restoring Mangrove Forests, for example, could have reduced the tsunami’s impact or the long term effect the tsunami is having on coral reefs?"

Duane Silverstein, Executive Director of writes in an ENN commentary, "The environmental community has long proclaimed the importance of keeping mangrove forests and coral reefs intact as a means of buffering coastal villages against the impact of severe storms. Sadly, the recent tsunami has provided vivid and gruesome proof of how correct this warning was. Consider this comment from Seacology Prize recipient Anuradha Wickramasinghe of Sri Lanka: "Due to mangrove vegetation, the tsunami damage to my village is not severe like other nearby villages that cut their mangrove forests down to make room for industrial shrimp farms." Or this comment from Dr. Felix Sugitharaj of the hard-hit Andaman Islands: "Mangrove forests saved my village from the sort of destruction experienced at the nearby nation's capitol of Port Blair. Compared to Port Blair, human loss and house damage have been minimal."

Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, Dr. David Suzuki, Chair of the David Suzuki Foundation (an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster), Norman Dean, Executive Director of Friends of the Earth, and Lester Brown founder and President of the Earth Policy Institute are some of the commentators that will be featured.

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