From: Associated Press
Published February 8, 2005 12:00 AM

Budget at a Glance: Department of Energy

Spending: $23.4 billion

Percentage change from 2005: -2 percent


The budget would shut down federal support for oil and gas research programs, scale back money for a nuclear waste dump in Nevada, expand research into clean-coal technology and provide $67 million to find ways to store climate-changing carbon emissions.

Money for environmental cleanup at Cold War-era nuclear weapons sites would be cut by $779 million, to $6.5 billion. About $4 million is requested for scaled-back research, but not actual development, of a "bunker-buster" nuclear warhead, a program Congress has rejected.


The budget calls for nearly $1 billion for nuclear nonproliferation programs, a 20 percent increase, including additional money for safeguarding nuclear materials in Russia and $50 million to expand the "megaports" security program to screen U.S.-bound cargo shipments at major seaports.

Research into development of hydrogen as a fuel would total $257 million, up by $32 million.

The department would increase support for civilian nuclear power programs, including a $56 million infusion to help industry build the first new nuclear power plant by 2010.

The administration asked for $651 million to finish a license application and work on a transportation plan for the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump in Nevada, $229 million less than was requested a year ago, but more than Congress approved this year.

Source: Associated Press

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