From: Tom Doggett, Reuters
Published September 30, 2004 12:00 AM

Intel Tops U.S. Government List of Best Commuter Benefits

WASHINGTON — Intel, Fannie Mae, and Cisco Systems top the U.S. government's list of Fortune 500 companies that have the best commuting benefits for their employees.

The list, issued for the first time by the Environmental Protection Agency, ranks those companies that have subsidized transit or vanpool passes, telework programs, bike lockers and showers, and other outstanding commuter benefits.

Congestion created from commuting to and from work wastes 5.7 billion gallons of fuel and 3.5 billion hours of lost productivity a year, costing the nation $63.2 billion.

Every year, the top 20 companies in the list have reduced driving 250 million miles of driving, saved more than 12 million gallons of gasoline, and prevented more than 186,000 tons of global warming pollution, according to the EPA.

"By offering their employees commuter benefits, companies are improving employee recruiting and retention, increasing employee job satisfaction ... and they are also reducing air pollution and congestion," said Jeff Holmstead, EPA's assistant administrator of air and radiation.


To qualify as one of the best workplaces for commuters, a company must provide:

+ At least one primary commuter benefit such as a monthly transit/vanpool pass subsidy or a significant telecommuting program.

+ At least three supporting commuter benefits, including carpool/vanpool incentives, lockers/showers for bikers or walkers, incentives to live near work, or onsite amenities such as day care or dry cleaning.

+ A central point of contact who actively informs employees of available commuter benefits.

+ Access to a regional or employer-provided guaranteed emergency ride home program.

To get the top spot on the list, Intel offers commuter benefits to almost 90 percent of its work force.

The complete list of best workplaces for commuters can be found at Best Workplaces for Commuters.

The 20 topped rank companies are:

1. Intel

2. Fannie Mae

3. Cisco Systems

4. United Services Automobile Association

5. Sun Microsystems

6 .Oracle

7. Advanced Micro Devices

8. Texas Instruments

9. Safeco

10. EMC

11. Hewlett-Packard

12. Apple Computer

13. Devon Energy

14. Nike

15. Reliant Energy

16. International Business Machines

17. Wyeth

18. WellPoint Health Networks

19. Dynegy

20. El Paso

Source: Reuters

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