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Published August 2, 2013 11:03 AM

6 Oceans crowdfunding opportunity

6 Oceans started out as a pilot project. The main focus of this project is to ensure sustainable management of marine and freshwater species and to encourage breeding programs for vulnerable and endangered species. 6 Oceans will also maintain a database of thousands of marine and freshwater species, as well as provide information on aquarium care for those who keep these amazing creatures as pets.


The main challenges in securing the existence of these unique creatures is attributed to the following; over fishing for food products, aquarium trade, sport fishing; pollution of our seas, lakes and rivers; good intentioned tourist who accidently damages parts of the reef while sea diving during their holiday.

Although there are a few bad apples out there who are not concerned about the outcome of their actions, we realize these situations happen and most of the time it's not the intention of the individual or organisation to deplete a species or pollute an area or even damage a reef.

6 Oceans believes that everyone should be able to enjoy the healthy and tasty food products that our oceans, rivers and lakes provide, enjoy and care for these amazing species in our homes and to admire the treasures that reefs offer when on holiday, and experience the adrenaline or relaxation of sport fishing. These are the main reasons for starting 6 Oceans. "At 6 Oceans our aim is to educate, encourage and where possible start breeding programs. Indonesia would be a perfect example of an area where the above mentioned challenges are evident. Indonesia has thousands of species of marine life. It contains more varieties of reef than the Great Barrie Reef. Yet today only 6% of Indonesia’s reefs are in a pristine state. This is an extremely important issue that we at 6 Oceans will be looking to address."

"The 6 Oceans Project started off as an idea, an idea that we slowly continued to build on. We need to hugely increase our public awareness to ensure that something that started off as an idea grows to be much more productive and sustainable."

If you are a company or individual who would like to help us reach our goals, please find our crowd funding link below to Donate/sponsor and/or share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

Tropical reef with sponges photo credit R. Greenway, ENN.

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