Published May 7, 2008 09:47 AM

Arctic ice melt could see rise of "Grolar bear"

LONDON: Scientists have suggested that due to the adverse effects of Arctic ice melting, the hybrid of a polar bear and grizzly bear - dubbed the 'grolar bear', might rise in numbers.

According to a report in The Sun , the effects of climate change means that the hybrid bears could become more common as their habitats increasingly overlap due to global warming.

"One of the real things that is happening is that grizzlies are moving north, at the same time the polar bears are forced to be on the beach and we have found a number of grizzly bear polar bear hybrids," said biologist Dr George Divoky, who has worked in the Arctic region for over three decades.


"Essentially that could mean that it would save the polar bear genes in the grizzly population," he added.

Biologists have already spotted the hybrid species.


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