From: University of Exeter
Published November 6, 2017 10:27 AM

Crime-Scene Technique Used to Track Turtles

Scientists have used satellite tracking and a crime-scene technique to discover an important feeding ground for green turtles in the Mediterranean.

University of Exeter researchers measured “stable isotope ratios” – a chemical signature also used by forensic scientists – to discover which foraging grounds turtles had come from to breed in Cyprus.

They discovered that Lake Bardawil, on Egypt’s north coast, is now the most important foraging ground for turtles which breed at Alagadi in Cyprus.

The researchers believe few breeding females came from the Lake Bardawil feeding ground until 2010. It is likely that changes to the ecosystem have made this shallow saline lake a top foraging site.

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Image: This is a foraging Green Turtle to - Peter Richardson Marine Conservation Society. (Credit: Peter Richardson Marine Conservation Society)

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