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Notes from Anna: Organic Jazz, and More Food For The Spirit

Recently I attended a series of jazz shows played by some of my friends in Boston's small venues. Prior to the shows, witnessing these musicians practice on a day-to-day basis, I also saw how their primary dedication to music grew into a broader commitment to things that are beautiful, fair, and just. >> Read the Full Article

Nevada Commission Issues Solar Power Rebates, Adopts 'Green Power' Program

State regulators on Tuesday approved solar power rebates for 50 residential and small-business electric customers and adopted a program designed to help independent power developers secure financing for wind, solar and geothermal power projects. >> Read the Full Article

In the Economics of Global Warming, Pig Emissions Have a Part to Play

Pig manure in Chile will keep neon lights glowing on Tokyo's Ginza in years to come. It's a grand north-south tradeoff to slow global warming: You reduce your "greenhouse gas" emissions so I don't have to cut back on mine. >> Read the Full Article

Tribes, Environmentalists Clash over Proposed Casino in Columbia River Gorge

For 12,000 years or more, Columbia River tribes gathered nearby to do business with distant tribes. Now they want to come back -- to deal blackjack and poker. >> Read the Full Article

Palo Alto, Calif., to Buy 'Green' Power Created by Gas of Decomposing Garbage

Pushing to buy at least 20 percent of its electricity from renewable sources, Palo Alto has turned to a new supply: rotting garbage in Watsonville. >> Read the Full Article

Government, Missouri Environmental Group Reach Settlement on Clean Water Standards for Lakes and Streams

The government must make sure Missouri complies with federal clean water standards to protect streams and rivers from bacteria, sewage and mining discharges, according to a consent decree. >> Read the Full Article

Endangered Ferrets Make Comeback in Arizona

Endangered black-footed ferrets are reproducing more and surviving longer in the wild in Arizona than they have since recovery efforts began nearly a decade ago, wildlife biologists say. >> Read the Full Article

Military Says Quake Destroyed Three-Quarters of Sumatra's Western Coastline

From Indonesia to India, workers rushed to bury corpses to ward off disease Wednesday as cargo planes touched down with promised aid -- from lentils to water purifiers -- to help the region cope with its tsunami catastrophe. The death toll across Asia and Africa soared to nearly 68,000. >> Read the Full Article

Tsunami Swallows Most of Southern Sri Lanka Town

his story is datelined Hambantota, Wednesday, but in reality most of the town doesn't exist anymore. Situated on a narrow strip of land on Sri Lanka's south coast, it fronted the Indian Ocean, while to the rear lay a big lagoon -- partly mangrove and partly reclaimed for salt farming. >> Read the Full Article

Texas Panel Finishes Energy Blueprint

The Texas Energy Planning Council has created a blueprint its members believe will ensure the state remains the nation's leading energy producer. >> Read the Full Article